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Oda tusam
Rolands Ce
Toms Upītis, rolands če

The number one cheek clapper
That’s our friend rolands če.

Our friendship goes way back to a time when the grass was greener and people used to smoke it more often. Despite all obstacles, our bond of weirdness grew stronger and just when we thought rolands če left us like that father leaving for a pack of smokes, he suddenly returned just as freaky as he has ever been. So yeah, we made a music video, but you already got that part.

All the love to our crew, to the smurf crew, to crazy people at Universal Music Latvia, and to you guys watching this sh*t. That’s some brain cells you will never get back.

produced by: Policy Productions

DOP: Toms Zarāns
producer: Mikus Zarāns
production assistant: Linda Anna Silavniece
1st assistant camera: Ivars Trautmanis
make-up artist: Valērija Silova
make-up artist assistant: Vanesa Ekmane
gaffer: Nikita Karpovs
best boy electric: Kristaps Andersons
spark: Aldis Bičevskis
editor: rolands če
color correction: Toms Zarāns
BTS photography: Rūdolfs Zarāns
BTS video: Ansis Blumbergs
Special thanks to:
Matīss Vilkaplāters
Jānis Dūcis
Smurfu triecienvienība

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