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Singapuras Satins
Toms Upītis
This time Singapūras Satīns got a brand-spanking-new video for their single “Toksisks” and, yes, it is as banging as you would expect. There is no magic recipe to this, we just get a holla from our dear friends at Universal Music Latvia and our crew is already putting pens on papers. Big shout out to everyone involved, we stay the best!

Actress: Anna Renāte Stuge
Producer: Mikus Zarāns
Production: Policy Productions
DOP: Toms Zarāns
Edit: Toms Upītis1st
AC: Valters Krūzkops

CC: Toms Zarāns
Gaffer: Nikita Karpovs
Bestboy: Jānis Grundāns
Decorator: Dmitrijs Buksovs
Art: Yuka Grand
Style: Berta Vilipsone
Makeup: Līva Drešere
Grip: Janis Bauska
CGI: Dmitri Maslakov, Mihails Matvjenko

SFX: Indulis Šverns, Uģis Čakars (Flying sfx riggers)
BTS Photography: Rudolfs Zarans

A very special thanks goes to Arkogints Camera Rental, Cinevera LV, Jaroslavs Priedeslaipa, Roberts Gobzins, Agnese Naudiša, Matīss Vilkaplāters, Lielstraupes Castle

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